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The UMGA is an alliance between numerous groups of Magical Girls throughout Japan. Originally formed by Saotome Haruna following the opening conflict of the Linker Cores War, it is designed to provide the magical heroes of Japan with a support system in the event of an emergency. Recent conflicts have proven the Association to be a crucial and trustworthy part of Magical Girl Green Lantern's resources.


Initial Contact:[]

""I am the Green Lantern of Sector 2814... and I am not alone."

-Takamachi Nanoha, Green Lantern 2814.1.

The first official contact between the future members of the UMGA occured during the invasion of Apokalips on Earth. As the current Green Lantern of Earth, Nanoha found herself at the forefront of the attack, defending those around her from the invading force. However, like the above quote insisted, she would not fight alone. Significant members who participated inthe defense included the Alba, led by Negi Springfield, the Sailor Senshi, and the first appearance of Fate Testarossa. While the groups themselves did not make any physical contact with each other during the conflict, their presence helped Nanoha in routing the enemy forces. This initial contact would prove pivotal in the upcoming Linker Core Wars.

The Wars[]

"Attention, this is an automated message. Green Lantern is under attack, condition severe. Assistance is required. Response?"


The people who would later become the United Magical Girl Association first come together during the Wolkenritter's attack on Green Lantern-chan (Takamachi Nanoha),


Ala Alba[]

Members of Ala Alba

Fuyuki Fate Knights[]

Members of the Fuyuki Fate Knights