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Justice League Member
GL Nanoha V2 (GL uniform) rough.png
Run while you still have legs to do so...

Also Known As:

The Green Devil, Gundam Girl, Little Miss Overkill


Earth Human



Hair Color

Orangish Brown

Eye Color


Magic System

Mid-Childan Magic

Preferred Element



Currently Asexual

Emotional Spectrum Affiliation


Otherwise know as Green Lantern-chan, the cutest Green Lantern below four feet tall ever offered a ring

Simply put, she is power incarnate. She possesses tremendous will and imagination which she uses to fuel her Green Power Ring, which she received when she was nine years old.

If she tries to befriend you, RUN! It won't do any good, she will find you, and you will get hit with a Starlight Breaker, probably in the face. But if you get very, very lucky, you might get out of firing range.

She has several staunch allies such as her faithful deputy, Green Lantern Yuuno Scrya, AKA, Ferret Lantern, Fate Testarossa, AKA Black Reaper-chan, and various other magical girls and superheroes.

Since then she has saved the universe from the threats such as the Jewel Seeds. Most recently she has battled against the forces of Apokolyps alongside many other heroes, help fend off an invasion of otherwordly evil in Fuyuki City (resulting in Godzilla westling a Eva constuct), and stop the Wolkenritter from harvesting Linker cores.


Little miss Big Bang was the founding member of the UMGA. She was the one to suggest the need for recuitment to Haruna Saotome (AKA Kira Deathnote Paru-Sama) due to the recent attacks by the Wolkenritter on Kinamoto Sakura, Syaoran Li, and Daidouji Tomoyo. Using her own resources, Paru contacted the Sailor Senshi, the Fuyuki Fate Knights, Ala Alba, The Card Captors, and Green Lantern Chan's own allies, suggesting a united front against this foe.


Nanoha has many spells at her repetoire

Divine Shooter Shooting A
Divine Buster Bombardment AA+
Divine Danmaku Wide-Area Bombardment S-
Starlight Breaker Bombardment S
Axel Shooter Shooting AA
Axel Buster Shooting AA
Excellion Buster Bombardment AAA+
Starlight Breaker EX Wide Area Shooting SS
Flier Fin Transport D
Flash Move Transport D
Round Shield Shield S