Currently No Affiliation

Also Known As:

Perverted Four-Eyed Slicey Freak


Human. We wish she wasn't



Hair Color


Eye Color

Blue and Shinmei-Ryuu Evil Gold

Magic System


Preferred Weapon

Yo Katana Hinata


Depraved Bi-sexual

Aoyama Tsukuyomi is a a rogue swordswoman of the Shinmei-Ryu school. She apparently taught Daidouji Tomoyo the swordstyle.

She first met Negi Springfield and his companions during their class trip to Kyoto, where Tsukuyomi was part of Fate Averruncus and Amagasaki Chigusa's team. There, she developed an unhealthy, murderous fixation on Sakurazaki Setsuna. They'd meet again during Fate's ambush on Ala Alba at the gateway to Mundus Magicus, and Tsukuyomi would continue being a major enemy of Ala Alba during their travails at that world.

Her father is The Joker, who she takes after in entirely too many respects for comfort. Recently, she murdered her way through Arkham Asylum's guards just for a chance to spend Christmas with him, terrifying the rest of Batman's Rogues Gallery in the proccess.

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